Girls SoccerAn award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit.

When we chose a name for our company, we weren’t thinking about the products we make; instead, we thought about the “WHY?” – the reason customers look for us, and we realized that this is why we’re in business.

As the definition of “accolade” states, a trophy or even a special-occasion gift is “a privilege granted”– our ability to be part of something special and memorable. And so our approach to being a part of your unique moment is that we are privileged to make it last.

“We’re a woman-owned business and as a mother of three highly successful and athletic daughters, I too have been privileged to feel that special moment.” Terri Defoe, Owner

Our challenge is to not be just an award or trophy company, because for us the most important aspect of being privileged is to share the accolades and come up with a creative way to honor someone and give them something that will be a reminder of the moment, of their friends, family, teammates, coworkers (and the list goes on).

About the Owner Terri Defoe

Terri Defoe PortraitGrowing up in Bend was a great experience for Accolades owner Terri Defoe. A Bend High School graduate, sports have always been in her blood.  In addition to participating in high school track, she has played flag football and women’s softball since she was 16. She and her family have known sports to be a daily staple.

When Terri first met her husband Don, they were both playing on softball teams. Between the two of them, they were on the field four nights a week. After starting their family, their three daughters continued the tradition of playing sports.

Terri also enjoys volunteer coaching for girls softball and volleyball. Starting with soccer and continuing with basketball, softball and volleyball throughout their high school careers, her girls were setting records and receiving numerous accolades along the way.

Although Terri continued playing softball in Bend for over 20 years, she found more enjoyment in her daughter’s sports career throughout high school and even at the collegiate level. (Go Beavs!)

Other sports have also been incorporated into the Defoe family:  hunting, fishing, hiking and camping have always been a part of the family activities and enjoyment.